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Upskill, the training program in sustainable energy is designed to expand capabilities and expertise in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy in Ras Al Khaimah. The training program includes trainings, certifications and workshops provided by reputed local & international training providers. Upskill operates as a platform for residents, professionals and students in Ras Al Khaimah to access special discounts that can be redeemed when booking courses with those selected training providers. All courses are operationally managed by the training providers and Reem only acts as a facilitator on a pro-bono basis.

Steps to avail of the discount:

1.       Find the course you would like to take by browsing through this webpage

2.       Fill in the Discount Application Form with your details to receive the discount codes

3.       Contact the training provider and share the discount code when bo​oking the training to confirm application of the discount 

4.       Follow the process of payment of the training provider and enjoy your training course ​​​​

Career Type
Course Type
Training Provider
Training Training Provider Career Type Course Type Topic
Hydrogen Projects and ContractsClean Energy Business Council (CEBC)General; ExecutiveTrainingRenewable Energy
Hydrogen Business ModelClean Energy Business Council (CEBC)Executive; Project Development & Finance; GeneralTrainingRenewable Energy
Hydrogen MasterclassClean Energy Business Council (CEBC)Executive; Project Development & Finance; GeneralTrainingRenewable Energy
Electric MobilityClean Energy Business Council (CEBC)General; TechnicalTrainingGreen Mobility
Introduction to Renewable EnergyClean Energy Business Council (CEBC)Executive; Project Development & FinanceTrainingRenewable Energy
Sustainable FinanceClean Energy Business Council (CEBC)Executive; General; Project Development & FinanceTrainingFinance
Building Retrofit Training – AdvancedThe Emirates Green Building Council (EGBC)TechnicalTrainingSustainable Buildings
Building Retrofit Training - IntroductoryThe Emirates Green Building Council (EGBC)Technical; GeneralTrainingSustainable Buildings
The Direktin Optimisation Course Module 1 - Compressed air fundamentalsDirektinTechnicalTrainingIndustrial Energy Efficiency
The Direktin Optimisation Course Module 2 - Calculation fundamentalsDirektinTechnicalTrainingIndustrial Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency in Gas based power plantsNational Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC)TechnicalTrainingIndustrial Energy Efficiency
Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell SystemsNational Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC)TechnicalTrainingRenewable Energy
Solar Energy and Photovoltaic (PV) SystemsNational Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC)TechnicalTrainingRenewable Energy
Air-conditioning and refrigeration (Level 2)Energy InstituteTechnical; GeneralTrainingSustainable Buildings
Alternative supply strategies (Level 3)Energy InstituteTechnicalTrainingIndustrial Energy Efficiency
Behaviour change (Level 3)Energy InstituteTechnical; GeneralTrainingEnergy Efficiency (EE)
Building Management Systems (BMS) (Level 2)Energy InstituteTechnicalTrainingSustainable Buildings
Building physics and thermal comfort (Level 2)Energy InstituteTechnicalTrainingSustainable Buildings
Carbon management plans (Level 2)Energy InstituteTechnical; GeneralTrainingEnergy Efficiency (EE)
Compressed air (Level 2)Energy InstituteTechnicalTrainingIndustrial Energy Efficiency
Data testing and analysis (Level 2)Energy InstituteTechnicalTrainingEnergy Efficiency (EE)
Energy and the environment (Level 2)Energy InstituteGeneralTrainingEnergy Efficiency (EE)
Energy and water efficiency (Level 2)Energy InstituteTechnicalTrainingIndustrial Energy Efficiency
Energy auditing in practice (Level 1)Energy InstituteTechnical; GeneralTrainingEnergy Efficiency (EE)
Energy fundamentals (Level 3)Energy InstituteGeneralTrainingEnergy Efficiency (EE)
Energy management solutions (Level 1)Energy InstituteTechnical; GeneralTrainingEnergy Efficiency (EE)
Energy management systems and standards: ISO 50001 (Level 2)Energy InstituteTechnicalTrainingEnergy Efficiency (EE)
Finance, procurement and risk assessment (Level 2)Energy InstituteProject Development & FinanceTrainingEnergy Efficiency (EE)
Heat recovery (Level 3)Energy InstituteTechnicalTrainingIndustrial Energy Efficiency
Heating and ventilation (Level 2)Energy InstituteTechnical; GeneralTrainingSustainable Buildings
Leadership for Energy Managers – Contracts and innovation (Level 3)Energy InstituteExecutive; Technical; Project Development & FinanceTrainingEnergy Efficiency (EE)
Leadership for Energy Managers – Leader language and ethics (Level 3)Energy InstituteExecutive; TechnicalTrainingEnergy Efficiency (EE)
Lighting (Level 2)Energy InstituteTechnical; GeneralTrainingSustainable Buildings
Measurement and verification (Level 2)Energy InstituteTechnicalTrainingEnergy Efficiency (EE)
Motors and drives (Level 2)Energy InstituteTechnical; GeneralTrainingIndustrial Energy Efficiency
Mounting an effective staff awareness campaign (Level 1)Energy InstituteExecutive; TechnicalTrainingEnergy Efficiency (EE)
Renewables (Level 1)Energy InstituteExecutive; GeneralTrainingRenewable Energy
Renewables (Level 3)Energy InstituteTechnical; GeneralTrainingRenewable Energy
Steam and process heating (Level 2)Energy InstituteTechnicalTrainingIndustrial Energy Efficiency
Level 1 Certificate in Energy Management Essentials qualificationEnergy InstituteTechnicalTrainingEnergy Efficiency (EE)
Level 2 Energy Management Professional qualificationEnergy InstituteTechnicalTrainingEnergy Efficiency (EE)
Level 3 Advanced Energy Manager qualificationEnergy InstituteTechnicalTrainingEnergy Efficiency (EE)
Sustainability 101The Green SpoonGeneralTrainingSustainability
Plastic Pollution AwarenessThe Green SpoonGeneralTrainingSustainability
Sustainability Risk Mapping The Green SpoonProject Development & Finance; GeneralTrainingSustainability
Supply Chain Sustainability The Green SpoonExecutive; General; Project Development & FinanceTrainingSustainability
Organizational Carbon Accounting The Green SpoonExecutive; Project Development & Finance; TechnicalTrainingSustainability
Food SustainabilityThe Green SpoonGeneralTrainingSustainability

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