Energy Efficiency Industrial Energy Efficiency Sustainable Buildings Renewable Energy Green Mobility Finance Sustainability
Level 1 Certificate in Energy Management Essentials qualification Motors and drives (Level 2) Heating and ventilation (Level 2) Solar Energy and Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Electric Mobility Sustainability 101
Energy management solutions (Level 1) Energy and water efficiency (Level 2) Air-conditioning and refrigeration (Level 2) Plastic Pollution Awareness
Mounting an effective staff awareness campaign (Level 1) The Direktin Optimisation Course Module 1 - Compressed air fundamentals Lighting (Level 2) Food Sustainability
Energy management systems and standards: ISO 50001 (Level 2) Building Retrofit Training - Introductory
Level 2 Energy Management Professional qualification Steam and process heating (Level 2) Building physics and thermal comfort (Level 2) Hydrogen Masterclass Sustainability Risk Mapping
Energy auditing in practice (Level 1) The Direktin Optimisation Course Module 2 - Calculation fundamentals Building Management Systems (BMS) (Level 2) Renewables (Level 3) Supply Chain Sustainability
Data testing and analysis (Level 2) Compressed air (Level 2)
Measurement and verification (Level 2)
Behaviour change (Level 3)
Level 3 Advanced Energy Manager qualification Energy Efficiency in Gas based power plants Building Retrofit Training - Advanced Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Systems Organizational Carbon Accounting
Carbon management plans (Level 2) Alternative supply strategies (Level 3)
Leadership for Energy Managers – Leader language and ethics (Level 3) Heat recovery (Level 3)
Leadership for Energy Managers – Contracts and innovation (Level 3)