​​​​​​​​Vision, Mission and Values


To be a recognised and trusted role model as a public energy efficiency and renewable energy agency


Support value creation for residents, bu​sinesses and the Government of Ras Al Khaimah through energy and water efficiency and renewable energy


​​Corporate ethics that we value and advocate:
  • Expertise: Be the experts at the cutting edge of advancement in our field
  • Pursuit of Excellence: Always do the best that we can, given our noble purpose
  • Delivery: Focus on commitments to stakeholders​
  • Integrity: Demonstrate intellectual honesty, impartiality and transparency in all our work
  • Responsiveness: Respect deadlines and value the time of our stakeholders
  • Inclusion: Make all our stakeholders feel like a part of our work and effort
  • Thought Leadership: Develop and share original thought to support others in our field
  • Teamwork: Support the members of our team and our stakeholders