The Green Spoon

The Green Spoon Management Consultancies exists as an initiative committed to raising awareness about and challenging ESG (environmental, social, governance) and sustainability issues of complex global systems.

As sustainability professionals, we share our skills and methodologies to do our parts in this transformative era towards a better world. We service our expertise to the needs of business leaders that are looking to initiate or improve their sustainability journeys and help them establish sustainable connections with their communities and the environment.

Steps to avail of the discount

Step 1: Visit the The Green Spoon sustainability training webpage 

Step 2: Explore the available training and book your preferred session 

Step 3: Fill the Discount Application Form  on Reem website for the selected training to obtain the discount code 

Step 4: Receive a confirmation email from Reem Office with the discount code and provide it to The Green Spoon representative 

Step 5: Receive registration confirmation details and process the payment with The Green Spoon representative 

Step 6: enjoy your training!

(Please note that the discounted rates will be applicable only if ten (10) participants register for the course).

​Please contact Ms. Hanan Chaaibi from The Green Spoon for more information at or +971 50 624 6408

Courses offered

Training Training Provider Career Type Course Type Topic
Food Sustainability The Green Spoon General Training Sustainability
Organizational Carbon Accounting The Green Spoon Executive; Project Development & Finance; Technical Training Sustainability
Supply Chain Sustainability The Green Spoon Executive; General; Project Development & Finance Training Sustainability
Sustainability Risk Mapping The Green Spoon Project Development & Finance; General Training Sustainability
Plastic Pollution Awareness The Green Spoon General Training Sustainability
Sustainability 101 The Green Spoon General Training Sustainability